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Money Compare is a free, online comparison service that allows Kiwis to compare thousands of financial products.

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Compare credit cards, loan rates and KiwiSaver plans and find the best NZ mortgage rates and the highest earning savings accounts from a huge number of financial service providers.

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Whether you are saving or borrowing, Money Compare has the tools, calculators and filters to help you make an informed financial decision as well as saving you time and money. Use our handy comparison tools...

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compare financial products now

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Compare International Money Transfer Services

Compare NZ Money Transfer Services with Money Compare. Money Compare’s money transfer partners offer competitive rates with a...

16 April 2019
Get the most out of Kiwisaver - Important changes kick in today

Important changes to Kiwisaver that could help you save more. Here are some exciting changes to Kiwisaver that...

01 April 2019
Top things to remember to budget for at university

Juggling your money at university can be a learning curve – and with tests, assignments, heavy workload and...

18 February 2019
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Switch to a better credit card and saveSwitch to a better credit card and save

Get the best deal on your credit card and save money on your repayments. Money Compare can help you save and find the best deals on low-interest rate credit card or debt consolidation credit cards....

31 August 2018

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At Money Compare you can compare NZ credit cards, compare home loans, personal loans, and KiwiSaver funds. Money Compare lets you shortlist, analyse and compare all the different financial products that will best match your financial situation and lifestyle.

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