Loan Calculator


Our loan calculator is a versatile tool that can help you plan how much you need to borrow and what it will cost.  If you need a personal loan then give it a go to get an idea of monthly repayments and the amount of interest you will pay on any borrowing.  

If you're looking to then borrow some cash, our preferred loan providers, The Lending Crowd and Harmoney are introduced below.


Savings Calculator How to use our loan calculator

Simply input some of the following variables to use the loan calculator:

Loan Amount – meaning how much you wish to borrow

Loan Term – this is how long you will be paying the loan off, whether it is months or years. 

Interest rate – this is the interest rate that you will pay on your borrowing - the lower the better!

Monthly payment – this is the repayment you will make each month - you must make sure you can afford this as there will be penalties if you can't make a payment.

Total Interest Paid – this is how much borrowing the money will cost you.  Sometimes you will be able to pay back quicker without penalty and save on this amount. 


Money Compare - Preferred Loan Providers

No one likes to have to borrow money.  BUT there are lots of reasons to do so and sometimes you will need to.  If you do then the most important thing is to get the best rate for your needs and pay as little interest as possible.

Of the personal lenders in New Zealand, there are a few that excel and there are others that are truly dire.  There are a couple of personal lenders who we believe achieve in the area of looking after their customers. 


The Lending Crowd

We have two partners that we prefer above others here at NZ Compare.  One lender we partner with is called the Lending Crowd and they offer secured loans with interest rates as low as 6.45%.  With a 100% online process, The Lending Crowd rewards borrowers with good credit with targeted interest rates that boost your affordability.  The Lending Crowd is a peer to peer lending platform and whilst that might sound complicated it's a simple idea. The Lending Crowd offer a website that let's people who want to borrow money connect with people who want to invest money. 

You can get a 100% anonymous quote in 2 minutes flat.  Simply click through below.






Harmoney Loans

Harmoney is a hugely popular, non big banker, lender for New Zealand.  Since it launched it has carved out its place as a mass market online lender and unlike the well known banks and traditional lenders, Harmoney loan applications are made online and only take a few minutes. The approval process for a Harmoney Loan is very quick and approvals are provided within 24 hours, giving new borrowers certainty about the interest rate they will be charged. Harmoney is upfront with its interest rates and fees, borrowers can make early repayments without penalty, and access loan balances 24/7 via the Harmoney website and app.

Harmoney offer personal loans to start almost anything and their fixed personalised interest rates start from only 6.99% p.a. to 19.99% p.a. (plus an establishment fee of $150).

Getting a quote with Harmoney won't affect your credit score so if you are undecided on getting the loan, get a quote, see what you could be paying and make a fully informed borrowning decision.