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Basecorp is a non-bank lender based in New Zealand that specializes in providing commercial and property finance solutions. Founded in 2002, Basecorp has established itself as a leading lender in the commercial finance market, with a reputation for providing flexible and innovative lending solutions to its clients.



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One of Basecorp's primary focuses is commercial lending. They offer a range of finance solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, including working capital finance, invoice financing, and trade finance. They also provide asset finance solutions such as equipment leasing and financing, as well as commercial property finance for purchasing or refinancing commercial properties.

In addition to commercial lending, Basecorp also offers property finance solutions for property developers and investors. They provide both residential and commercial property finance, including development finance, construction finance, and investment property finance. Their property finance solutions are designed to be flexible, with features such as interest-only repayments and the ability to tailor the loan to the borrower's specific needs.

Basecorp prides itself on its customer service, taking a personal approach to lending and building long-term relationships with its clients. They have a team of experienced lending specialists who work closely with clients to understand their individual needs and provide tailored lending solutions to help them achieve their financial goals. Basecorp also offers ongoing support and advice to its clients throughout the life of the loan.

Another strength of Basecorp is its flexible lending criteria. They take a more pragmatic approach to lending than traditional banks, and are able to consider a wider range of factors when assessing loan applications. This allows them to provide lending solutions to clients who may not meet the strict lending criteria of traditional banks.


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In summary, Basecorp is a non-bank lender in New Zealand that specializes in providing commercial and property finance solutions. With a focus on flexibility, customer service, and tailored lending solutions, Basecorp has become a trusted lender for many small to medium-sized businesses and property investors in New Zealand.


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9.6% (Floating)

Mortgage purpose

Buying Next Home, Buying Next Home, First Time Buyer, Investor, Investor

Payment frequency

Fortnightly, fortnightly, monthly, monthly, weekly

Maximum LVR



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