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Looking for cheap car insurance?  Money Compare can help.  We compare car insurance policies and providers to help you find the cheapest car insurance for your vehicle and circumstances.
One thing to consider at the outset.  Cheap car insurance is obviously good because it saves you money… but cheap car insurance is only good if you are still protected. The price of your car insurance is only one factor to consider when insuring your vehicle.
Car insurance costs in general are showing a bit of a trend towards getting cheaper.  This is partly down to the fact that less people have had accidents in recent months due to COVID and lockdown meaning less claims and better profits for car insurers so they can offer more competitively priced car insurance policies.
Here at Money Compare we have pulled together a number of tips to help with reducing the price of your car insurance and helping you compare car insurance online.  No time to read all our tips?  No worries – Click the big green button below and be taken to our simple car insurance comparison where you will be able to compare features of car insurance policies online, see the best car insurance deals we have available and click through to compare car insurance quotes and find the cheapest car insurance for you.
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Types of Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance:
This type of car insurance covers you if your car is stolen or damaged in an accident. It also pays out to other people if your car damaged their vehicle or property. This is typically the most expensive policy available but also provides the most cover. Comprehensive Car Insurance is generally a good option if you want peace of mind, and if your car is expensive enough that you couldn’t afford to repair or replace it.
Third Party Car insurance:
This car insurance is the most basic and cheapest form of car insurance. You are only covered for damage you may cause to a third party, but not for any damage to your own car.  This is the best option if you own an older car, or a car with little value.
Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance:
As it says on the tin. This car insurance provides third party cover, and also covers you in the event of a fire, or if your car is stolen and needs replacing. This type of policy does not cover repairs to your car, even if you are not at fault for the car accident.

How to get Cheaper Car Insurance 

NZ Car Insurance companies generally charge more each year, knowing that habit, simplicity and, I’m sorry, laziness, stops car insurance policy holders from comparing insurance plans and switching car insurance providers.  Every year your car insurer will send you a renewal notice, they’ll tell you what you are paying and how much you’ll be paying next year and more times than not the consumer will take that renewal and roll with it… BUT… do that for a few years on the trot and that $10 a month increase has actually happened each year and before you know it you’re paying over $500 a year more than you were when you first signed up and took that initial great car insurance deal.  
So how can you be sure you’re not paying too much for your car insurance?  Well, here at Money Compare we’ve put together some top tips to help you get cheaper car insurance when you compare your car insurance plan online
1. Make a note of when your car insurance is coming up.  Put a note in your phone or calendar and remember to hit up Money Compare and see what car insurance deals and car insurance best buys we have available. Then hit up your current car insurance provider and just challenge your car insurance renewal quote.  Kiwis don’t like to push back… but if you do then it may be a case of Cha-ching! Cash in the bank and a cheaper car insurance quote.
2. Compare TYPES of car insurance.  You would generally expect third-party car insurance cover to be the cheapest because it is the lesser cover, just covering the person you may bump into and their car. But woah there!  Don't expect car insurance to make sense!  There is some evidence that selecting comprehensive insurance, which includes your vehicle as well as fire and theft, means you'll be assessed as a lower risk customer and this can outweigh the fact you get more cover, and make your policy cheaper.  Bonkers.
3. Look at multi-policy discounts.  If you are insuring more than one thing… be it multiple car insurance policies or home, contents and car insurance then be sure to check out multi-policy discounts.  Companies like State Insurance and AMI Insurance who offer insurance for more than just vehicles offer these discounts to consumers when you insure multiple things.
4. Check policy benefits – not just price: make sure your policy includes all the benefits that you need. Also, only add benefits that you need as these will increase the cost of your insurance.
5. Choose a level of cover that meets your needs and matches your budget
6. Increase your excess: This is the amount of money you have to pay when you make a claim, before the insurer covers the rest of the cost. Increasing your excess sometimes results in your premium being reduced.
7. Pay annually: Paying for your policy annually instead of monthly, can work out cheaper. So it’s worth checking whether there is a price difference for paying annually.
8. Check the policy carefully before buying.  Once you've collected your car insurance quotes by comparing insurance providers at Money Compare there is one more important thing to do.  First off, read the quote thoroughly and double check the policy's coverage has all the features you need in your car insurance policy. 
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Compare Car Insurance Online NOW

So, you’ve read all our top tips… time to do the admin and save some dollars!  This is how to request a car insurance quote online.
It’s easy to get started requesting a car insurance quote online. First off, check our car insurance comparison table.  Once you know the type of features you are after we recommend starting with State Insurance, AMI Car Insurance and Cove Insurance to get a good range of quotes. It will help to have the following detailed ready to get the most accurate quote possible:
  1. Vehicle registration number, or the make the make, age and model of your car
  2. Age of driver(s) and licence info
  3. Distance driven per year
  4. Whether the car is for private or business use
  5. Where the car will be store, eg: garage, car port, driveway or road
  6. Your accident and claims history
  7. How much you want to insure your car for
Then it’s just a case of running the quick online car insurance comparisons, making a note of the car insurance quotes and seeing how much you can save today.
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