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Money Compare is a quick and easy tool to help you Compare Insurance and Loans, Compare KiwiSaver plans or Credit Cards and find the best NZ home loan rates and the most competitive life insurance premiums from NZ financial service providers.

Why use MoneyCompare?

Compare Car Insurance

Compare Car Insurance Online If you are looking to compare car insurance then our simple guide to car insurance can help you.  You should compare your car insurance every time it is up for renewal...

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Do I have enough life insurance cover?

   If you are looking to purchase life insurance for the first time or to review your level of life insurance cover then knowing how much life insurance you need is an important starting point.   Should...

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Compare Insurance Products

Buying and renewing insurance can be a time-consuming process.  Money Compare make the process easy by allowing you to compare top insurance providers side-by-side. Compare each policy by the same features and benefits so it’s...

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Making New Zealand Your Home? Boost Your Retirement with KiwiSaver!

09 November 2023
Increasing KiwiSaver Withdrawals and Suspensions – What Should You Do?

Unlock the reasons behind increasing KiwiSaver withdrawals and secure your financial future.

09 October 2023
What Can Women Do to Close the KiwiSaver Gender Gap?

Find out the gender disparity issue in KiwiSaver.

03 August 2023
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Retiring Over The Next 20 Years? You Won’t Be Able To Afford It! Retiring Over The Next 20 Years? You Won’t Be Able To Afford It!

A new report shows most Kiwis won’t have enough money to retire!    

08 February 2023

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At Money Compare you can compare insurance, compare credit cards, find the cheapest home loan rates, online personal loans, and the best performing KiwiSaver funds. Money Compare lets you shortlist, analyse and compare all the different financial products that will best match your financial situation and lifestyle