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When travelling to Europe or conducting international business, it is important to find the cheapest and most suitable way to make your international money transfers. Money Compare can help you compare the options to choose the best conversion rates and lower fees for your needs.
Here at Money Compare we have done our best to pull together a trusted selection o money transfer and currency exchange services. The Money Compare website lets you find the best and most comprehensive list of options available, customised to your request and shows you the cheapest rates when sending money to Europe.
Our top currency conversion partners are No1 Currency and Travelex. Order online and choose a home delivery service, or pick up in store, or at the airport before you fly.
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Cheap Money Transfer NZ

Discover faster ways to send funds to Europe with Money Compare. Use our comparison tool to find the best money transfer offer in New Zealand. Currency transfer companies like OFX, TransferWise, OrbitRemit and CurrencyFair can save you time and money when you send money abroad.

Compare Exchange Rates in NZ

The Money Compare website us a useful tool to compare EUR exchange rates and find the cheapest option on the market. Get the best conversion rates and convenience of buying currency online, delivered at your doorstep, with popular money exchange providers Travelex and No1 Currency.

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Money Compare makes overseas money transfers and international payments easy and inexpensive. Just run the comparison through our website and enjoy cheapest exchange rates, low fees and fast transfer speeds offered by popular money transfer providers.