How to transfer funds from NZ to Thailand

Learn how to transfer money from New Zealand to Thailand with Money Compare. We make it easy to find great currency conversion deals to transfer money from New Zealand (NZD) and Thailand (THB). 
Whether you need to send money back home to Thailand or make an overseas payment for personal or business reasons (stock orders, or paying an employee based overseas) you need to get the best deal on your money transfers. When choosing a money transfer deal, competitive exchange rates and fees are crucial. Taking the time to compare currency exchange rates and money transfer offers with Money Compare. Learn more about great offers from our top partners - OFX, TransferWise, OrbitRemit and CurrencyFair.  
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Best Currency Transfer NZ

Find the best money transfer options in NZ with Money Compare. Money Compare aims to help you compare different ways to send money to Thailand. You can transfer funds to Thailand in a safe and affordable way with our top partners - OFX, TransferWise, OrbitRemit and CurrencyFair

Conversion Rates Comparison

It is easy to send funds from New Zealand to Thailand with Money Compare. Compare exchange rates with us for your foreign currency requirements. Our partners Travelex and No1 Currency offer you the best conversion rates and great customer support.

A smart thing to do before sending money

Money Compare can help you find a great deal on THB exchange near you. Whether you are in Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Auckland, Dunedin or Queenstown we have you covered with our currency exchange partners. Even better, use No1 Currency’s home delivery service and you won’t even need to leave the house!