Money Exchange and Transfer Comparison in New Zealand

Need a foreign currency or want to send money to the USA? Money Compare is here to help you get a great deal on USD conversion rates, with low fees from our partners. Whether you are a tourist or going on a business trip or need to make an overseas payment for personal or business reasons (stock orders, or paying an employee based overseas), you need to get the best value on your USD exchange rates.
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Money Compare’s best currency conversion partners are No1 Currency and Travelex. Order online and then choose either a home delivery service or pick the money up from the store, or at the airport before your flight to the USA. 
Money Compare’s currency transfer partners offer the best service, fees and foreign exchange rates. Our top currency transfer partners are OFX, TransferWise, OrbitRemit and CurrencyFair


Currency Exchange and Transfer Comparisons with Money Compare

Cheap Money Transfer to USA

If you want to send money from New Zealand to the USA or any other country, Money Compare provide you with the best exchange comparison. Discover great offers from our top currency transfer partners - OFX, TransferWise, OrbitRemit and CurrencyFair .


Compare Currency Exchange in NZ

Buying USD is easy with Money Compare. Compare exchange rates and find the deal that suits you best. Check great offers from our trustworthy providers - Travelex and No1 Currency, and choose home delivery or pick up your cash from one of their stores.


Money transfer and exchange services in your city

Money Compare will help you find a great deal on currency transfer services near you. Our top currency transfer partners offer safe and fast money transfers, as well as great customer service. Compare currency transfer options and Currency USD Exchange rates on Money Compare.