Move your current account to Kiwibank

Saw a new account or service advertised by Kiwibank or they might be offering a better savings interest rate? Whatever your reasons are, don’t hesitate to move to Kiwibank. 
If you’ve decided it is time to switch to Kiwibank, get ready for a surprise it is a lot easier than it used to be. Nowadays all you have to do to switch to Kiwibank is give the bank you want to go to the authority to contact your old bank to get all your banking details.
Worry not about the feelings of your bank manager because he doesn't worry about yours. Stop looking around for a better deal – Kiwibank is already here.


Looking to move your current account?

Join the bank for Kiwis

100% Kiwi-owned

Since Kiwibank is 100% Kiwi-owned they keep money where it belongs - right here, in New Zealand. They're the bank New Zealanders can call their own.


The awards Kiwibank won prove they're here to make banking better for Kiwis. Their latest award, CANSTAR First Home Buyers Bank of the Year 2018, shows Kiwibank are committed to getting Kiwis into their first home.

Doing good for New Zealand

Partnering with other like-minded Kiwi businesses means Kiwibank are making New Zealand a better place, from protecting our environment, building financial literacy and celebrating extraordinary Kiwis.