Should I refix or refinance?



Have you got a home loan and the fixed loan rate is soon to expire?


It WILL cost you money with the changes to interest rates in recent times - but Money Compare is here to help and can ensure you make a fully informed choice on the best way forward with your home loan and mortgage options.

Get in touch now, let us know your situation and timeline and we'll be in touch when you need to start thinking about the next step on your home loan journey.

Should you refix your home loan with the current lender?

Our experienced partners work with a wide range of lenders, both traditional and alternate. Different lenders have different criteria and assessment needs and you may have more options than you think. We know the criteria and can help.  We can quickly and easily assess your situation and give you an informed opinion.  Should your current lender be unable to meet your requirements we can give you some actions and options to help you improve your borrowing situation for the future.

We all know that mortgages and home loans are not the most exciting thing to discuss... but here at Money Compare we love it!!  Helping Kiwis make a fully informed choice on their borrowing and seeing individuals, couples or families take that next step on the property ladder is incredibly fulfilling!  Let us help.

Our team of seasoned mortgage experts can look at your personal, family and financial situation and help your review your options, including refixing or staying with your current lender or moving for a better rate or repayment option.  Whatever the need, our team is there to help you understand the best option for your unique personal circumstances.

What happens if my fixed loan rate expires?

When the fixed rate period on your home loan ends you have a number of options:

1. You can do nothing, your loan will automatically revert to the standard variable interest rate of your lender and they will write to tell you the amount of your minimum monthly or fortnightly repayment.

2. You can choose another fixed interest rate period to begin immediately when your current term expires

3. You can review your home loan structure.  For example, if interest rates have increased, you can perhaps extend your loan term to keep your repayments the same.  If the interest rates have dropped, you can take that opportunity to pay off your loan faster by shortening the loan term to keep your repayments the same.

4. You can split your loan across a variable and one or more fixed interest rate periods.

5. You can choose to move your home loan to another lender with any of the above options.

Basically there are lots of options.  the world is your oyster but it can be confusing.  That is where Money Compare and The Umbrella Compay can help.  You can contact us before the expiry of your current fixed term home loan and we can explore the options to ensure there are no nasty surprises. Simply complete the short form above or drop our team a call on 0508 22 66 72 and one of the team will arrange a call back at a convenient time.

Why you should talk to us BEFORE you refix or refinance by yourself

Simply put... you could make a mistake that will cost you $$$$!  You see a doctor about illness or injury, a mechanic for car trouble and a lawyer if you have a legal battle... so why would you not use a financial expert for a major financial decision?  Talking to the team recommended by Money Compare has a whole lot of positives!   

It is INCREDIBLY easy.  Our advisors do all the hard work and are experts in the field of home loans.

We will compare multiple providers. Our advisors know and understand them all.

Access to New Zealand's best home loan lenders.

• Did we mention it was FREE?  The mortgage advisors at The Umbrella Company receive their payment from the lender, not you, the borrower. As expert, independent brokers, the team at The Umbrella Company often have access to different products and options which are not widely listed by the lenders they work with.  Did we mention they could also negotiate you a great cashback when you refinance a home loan or change lender. 


Our advisor partners - The Umbrella Company

The Umbrella Company are a talented team of mortgage advisers who are passionate about making a difference in people's lives. They work hard to get the best possible outcomes for our clients and pride themselves on being accessible, friendly and professional. 

As your personal mortgage adviser, their mission is to be there for you when you need financial advice around a property purchase. They're there to help you choose the right lender for your home or property.  Whether it's lending for the family home, bach, equity release or an investment property, the team at The Umbrella Company can help. The Umbrella Company will always be there to assist you in the event of a question or change in your circumstances. They understand that financial dealings can become difficult and stressful and their focus is on making the process as easy as possible for you, so you can focus on what's important - enjoying your life and building your wealth. 

So, if you're looking for peace of mind, The Umbrella Company can help. Get in touch with the form above for a free exploratory conversation.

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Request a free chat with one of our independent experts who can help you decide if a REFIX or a REFINANCE on your home loan is the best option.


Incredibly easy!

Our mortgage advisors are EXPERTS.  They live and breath home loans and will make getting you and your family the best possible mortgage incredibly simple!

Compare multiple providers

Our advisors will gather multiple quotes and compare home loans, rates and features from a range of NZ's top lenders. Helping you make a fully informed choice without the legwork!

Money back in your pocket!

Our aim is to reduce your overall payments, lower your interest rate and get more money back in your pocket!  Meaning you can pay off your home loan quicker!