Transferring money from NZ to Fiji

If you need to transfer money from New Zealand to Fiji or any other country worldwide, Money Compare can help you compare currency exchange services and money transfer services side by side and find the cheapest way to make your international money transfers. Whether you need to transfer funds to your own overseas account or to a third party, or just want to purchase international products and services, you need a cheap, safe, and secure way to transfer money to Fiji.
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Sending Funds Overseas with Money Compare

Cheapest Money Transfer Deals

Compare money transfer and conversion rates on the Money Compare website and make a fast and secure international money transfer to Fiji or other popular destinations. Check the best deals from our currency transfer providers - OFX, TransferWise, OrbitRemit and CurrencyFair .


FJD Exchange Rate Comparison

Before making an international payment, it always makes sense to run a comparison through Money Compare. Here at Money Compare, we aim to assist you in finding a foreign exchange provider that you can count on. With our top partners, Travelex and No1 Currency, you can order online at any time and collect your cash whenever suits you.

Peace of mind when you send currency to Fiji

Money Compare make sending money to Fiji easy and fast. Compare best transfer offers in New Zealand and make a safe and secure transaction with one of the popular currency transfer providers. Learn more about currency transfer options and currency conversion rates on Money Compare.