Are you moving? Use NZ Compare!

Are you moving? Use NZ Compare!

Moving is always a stressful but exciting time! You spend heaps of time packing up all your things and getting the furniture in. Maybe you’ve thought about the best new school for the kids, what local cafes you’ll eat at or where you’ll take the dog for a walk. 

But more often than not, we don’t think about one very important thing. Our bills! 

Most of us will simply keep the same power or broadband provider we had at our old place. We won’t give our bills a second thought and stay on the same plan that we’d been on before. 

But moving is a great opportunity to review whether you’re actually on the right plan for your power and broadband! Not to mention your house insurance, contents insurance and home loan! 

Here at NZ Compare we can help you find the best power, broadband and financial plans for your new home! It could save you hundreds of dollars!

Let us show you why you MUST use NZ Compare when moving! 

Keep Warm and Save Money! 

Getting the best power plan for your new home is essential!

There’s nothing worse than spending the first month in your new home, keeping the lights on and staying warm and cosy, only to get a power bill that makes your jaw drop! 

A great way to avoid this is to review your power plan and compare it to other providers. 

You can save heaps of money! Many providers offer joining discounts which will save you over $100 or offer FREE hours of power during off-peak times! There are even plans which are open term meaning you don’t have to enter into a contract- you can cancel anytime! 

These deals and so many more make it well worth your while to quickly jump on NZ Compare and find the best deal for you!

There are heaps of different providers to choose from like the ones you’ve probably heard of like Genesis and Mercury to the ones you might not have heard of like Electric Kiwi or Ecotricity. You’ll definitely find a provider that offers you the best deals that meet your new house’s specific needs! 

Keep the lights on and save money at the same time, all thanks to comparing on NZ Compare!

Surf the web uninterrupted!

Chances are your new house is not only your place of leisure but also a brand new hub for internet activity! As you surf the web, stream shows and play video games, you’ll likely be putting quite the strain on your broadband connection. 

So as you take those last few items out of the moving boxes, make sure to think about what broadband plan you are on!

Having a quick look on NZ Compare will likely save you heaps! There are providers with plans offering you free months of broadband (saving you hundreds of dollars), free streaming subscriptions and bundle packages with power or mobile plans (again saving you lots of money)! 

If you’ve got more people in your house now, you’ll probably want a faster broadband connection. Luckily we’ve just launched HyperFibre! Now you can have the fastest speeds ever at your place! 

With so much demand in the broadband market, the competition between companies is quite intense! This is great for consumers as it means providers have to offer cheaper prices and more enticing deals to attract as many customers as they can. So it’s never been a better time to be a Kiwi looking to join a new broadband plan! 

Get the best broadband deal for your new house! Simply by comparing with NZ Compare! 

Protect your new home! 

We know your new home is probably one of the most important assets in your life! So it makes sense to have a good home and contents insurance + home loan right?? 

Too often, Kiwis sign up to the first home insurance, contents insurance or home loan that they are offered. We get it! These financial plans can be super confusing to understand. They don’t always make it easy for us! 

However, it’s vital that you have the best insurance and loan plan to meet your specific needs!

So we’ve made it simple for you to compare all of these financial plans through Money Compare! 

You can compare- what’s covered in the plan, interest rates, contract lengths, payment frequencies and more. Best of all, this information is super easy to read and understand!

You’ll be able to find the plan that’s ACTUALLY best for your needs! 

Use NZ Compare rather than other websites!

If you’re in the process of moving, you may have come across some other websites that provide you with similar services to NZ Compare. Sure you could use those services but here’s why using NZ Compare is a much better choice for you!

Our #1 priority is getting Kiwis the best deals possible for all their needs! We’re customer first, business second. 

We’ve made our comparison service FREE to all consumers, work with ALL of the providers (we don’t pick and choose and force them on you) and we work with like-minded companies that are consumer focused like Consumer NZ and Neighbourly. 

So we’ll never cold call you or force you into plans that are bad for you, just so we can make money. That’s not us! 

We’re passionate about getting the best plans for YOU and we do this by giving you the power of an informed choice! 

For even more reasons to trust us, just click here!

So now you know you can trust us, it’s time for you to compare those plans! 


It’s super easy! 

First, jump onto our websites, Power Compare, Broadband Compare and Money Compare. Then enter in a few details, select filters to match your preferences and then you’ll see all the plans available to you!

Even better, you can compare all your plans side-by-side on one page!

It’s that simple. 





Alternatively, if you’d rather chat to a kind human, then give our customer support team a free call on 0508 22 66 72. They’ll help you find the perfect plan for your new home! 

So now you know. That’s just how easy it is to compare all your important plans that will set you up to enjoy your new home! 

So get comparing now!

Tuesday, 12 April 2022