Compare KiwiSaver Performance Reports

Best performing kiwisaver funds

Got a KiwiSaver?  How is it performing?  Is it one of the best?

KiwiSaver is the most popular form of saving in New Zealand but did you know that you can compare and switch your KiwiSaver provider to ensure you are getting the very best returns?

1% extra each year could mean the difference between a retirement that offers the three B's - BMW, Boat and Bach rather than the three L's... lets just say... less luxurious living...

Here at Money Compare we've partnered with National Capital, KiwiSaver investment experts to help showcase the top performing KiwiSaver funds in New Zealand.  Click through below, see if your KiwiSaver fund makes the list and if not, complete the short form and get a free KiwiSaver health check to ensure that you are on the right path to the 3 B’s!

Compare KiwiSaver Fund Performance

If your KiwiSaver fund is missing from the list of best performers than the team at National Capital are there to help find the best KiwiSaver fund for you.  They will start by providing you with a comparison report of your existing fund as it is important to check the health of your KiwiSaver fund and understand its position within the market.  Click through and submit the form to view a simple graphic report of your fund.

Remember, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance but it is one of the best gauges to use when looking at investment opportunities.



Tuesday, 27 April 2021