Bring Your Aussie Super Home to KiwiSaver

Bring Your Aussie Super Home to KiwiSaver

If you're planning to make New Zealand your forever home, consolidating your Australian Superannuation (AU Super) into KiwiSaver is a smart move. It not only streamlines your retirement savings but also opens up exciting opportunities with KiwiSaver. This friendly guide is here to assist you in determining your eligibility for the transfer and guiding you through the simple process.

Moving your AU Super into a KiwiSaver account can be done easily, and we'll show you how to do it step by step.

Am I Eligible for the Transfer?

Under the Trans-Tasman Retirement Savings Portability scheme, you can transfer your retirement funds between Australia and New Zealand when you relocate. To qualify for the transfer, you need to:

  • Confirm your AU Super is with an APRA-regulated fund.
  • Officially declare New Zealand as your permanent residence and provide a New Zealand address proof.
  • Transfer your full AU Super balance to a KiwiSaver account, as partial transfers aren't permitted.
  • Choose a KiwiSaver scheme that can accept your Australian funds.
  • Have a New Zealand IRD number.

If you meet these conditions, you're all set to make the move and bring your AU Super into a KiwiSaver scheme.

How to Transfer?

To kick things off, you'll need to fill out an application and gather the necessary documents.

If you don't find your AU Super provider's form listed here, simply hop over to their website to grab it.

  • Australian Super
  • Australian Retirement Trust
  • UniSuper
  • Colonial First State
  • MLC
  • Cbus Super

What Documents Should I Prepare?

Remember to include these essential documents with your application:

  • Two forms of ID, certified as true copies.
  • Evidence of your New Zealand residence if your ID doesn’t show your New Zealand address.
  • A statutory declaration confirming your move to New Zealand.
  • A compliance letter from your KiwiSaver scheme confirming they can accept the transfer.

Need Help?

For extra assistance, a team of expert financial advisors at National Capital stands ready to assist you. Explore the ways they can be of help by visiting their website at www.nationalcapital.co.nz.


Thursday, 9 November 2023