Pay less interest, reduce repayments, improve cashflow - Debt Consolidation Loans

Consider a debt consolidation loan

With inflation and interest rates rising, cashflow is becoming increasingly important in the household budget.  So if you have some debt hanging around from 2021 (or before) consider a debt consolidation loan.  Debt Consolidation happens when you combine all your smaller loans into one, easy-to-manage loan - leaving you with one monthly payment, rather than several repayments that you need to track and manage. 

A great advantage of consolidating debt is the opportunity to lower your overall interest rate and monthly repayments, giving you the ability to pay off your debt faster.

The overall interest rate you’re able to get through depends on which type of personal loan you get, so be sure to have a look at our the difference between secured and unsecured loans.

Benefits of debt consolidation

  • With a debt consolidation loan you may be able to get a lower interest rate and a new loan term which means your repayments may be smaller and more affordable.
  • One loan to manage instead of a couple can make budgeting, and keeping track of your finances, easier.

Risks of debt consolidation

  • There may be extra fees and charges, depending on the loan offers, so be sure to compare the debt consolidation offers with different lenders;
  • As people, our willpower sometimes isn’t as strong as we would like it to be - having more money to spend each month can mean you don’t put it towards your debt and instead, spend it on other things.

Compare Debt Consolidation loans with Money Compare

Lending Crowd

Lending Crowd Personal Loans: The Lending Crowd offer a comprehensive range of personal loan options if you are looking to borrow an amount between $2,000 and $200,000. They recently expanded their offering to offer both secured and unsecured loans. Interest rates for unsecured loans are highly competitive and tailored to circumstances. If, as a borrower you choose to secure your loan with property or a vehicle, you will be rewarded with an even lower interest rate across all risk grades. Secured rates start from 6.45% p.a.



Harmoney personal loan: Fair and simple personal loans with fixed interest rates from 6.99% p.a. to 19.99% p.a. (plus an establishment fee of $150). You can make repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  A debt consolidation loan from Harmoney can replace your old debts with a single repayment designed for your personal circumstances.


Tuesday, 18 January 2022