Is Health Insurance Worth It in NZ?

Is Health Insurance Worth It in NZ?

In New Zealand, health insurance is not mandatory. It is a personal choice that Kiwis can invest in, if they wish to have access to the benefits that the public health system doesn’t quite offer. 

New Zealand has a rather extensive public healthcare system, that allows Kiwis to access free or low cost care. However, the public system has a shortfall. The waitlist. Being a free public system, emergencies and life-threatening conditions are taken care of immediately. But if you require non-emergency care, you will have to join the waitlist for treatment. This waitlist can be months or even years long depending on the treatment required, and the demand. 

What is the difference between private healthcare and public healthcare?

For those who wish to avoid the waitlist, health insurance can be worth its weight in gold. 

So, what are the reasons that health insurance is worth it? Here are the top 4 reasons why it might be worth it for you!

1. Gives you access to immediate care 

With health insurance, you have access to private hospitals and healthcare specialists. You and your treatment are prioritised, meaning you can bypass the long waitlist and get your health back sooner.

2. Protects your health

What does your health mean to you? With health insurance, because you are able to access delay-free care, you will be able to ensure you are protecting your health and wellbeing. A healthy body and mind mean we can get on with life. 

3. Quicker Recovery

With access to quicker treatment, you will be able to make it to recovery a lot faster than if you were in the public health system. A quicker recovery will have you back on your feet, back at work, and able to enjoy life again. 

4. Health Insurance can Give you Time

When we are in the public system, and on waitlists, we may be unable to enjoy things that we otherwise would. If you are sick or injured, you may struggle to partake in activities and find it challenging to get outside or spend time with family and friends. Health insurance puts your treatment on priority, allowing you to recover faster, so you can get that precious time back with family, friends, and the things you enjoy. 

Have Questions about Health Insurance?

Still unsure about whether it’s right for you? Or are you unsure about how much health insurance you need for your individual circumstances? No worries! You can speak to a Money Compare expert for free anytime Monday to Friday between 10am-6pm, to have a bias-free conversation about whether health insurance is the right move for you. Money Compare is also partnered with industry-leading insurance advisors, The Insurance Department, who can provide you a free health insurance quote, so that you can make the most informed decision about your health. 

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Don’t forget to compare health insurance providers and plans to make sure that you are choosing the best deal for your unique needs and health requirements. Comparing health insurance also means you will be able to make an informed choice, and even find the best deal out there so that you can get the best coverage possible and most value for your money. 

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