Keeping It All in One Place: Revolut’s Offer to Kiwis

Keeping It All in One Place: Revolut’s Offer to Kiwis

Revolut keeps everything together. Cohesive. Organised. Revolut is simply one app for all things money. They have one goal: to remove any obstacles that stand in the way of your finance goals. A one-stop shop for an array of money-related tasks, including:

1. Spending

2. Saving

3. Investing

4. Borrowing

5. Managing

Simply link your stylish Revolut card to your Apple or Google Pay, and you are on your way to the world. 

So, Why Revolut?

It is no wonder that there are over 35 million personal users and over 500 thousand business users taking advantage of Revolut’s effortless platform and taking back the power over their finances. 

New Zealanders can access the world in just one place. With over 150 support countries and regions, and 29 in-app currencies, it is a leading application in global interconnection. 

But most importantly, the leaders at Revolut understand the struggles of the everyday New Zealander. They know the challenges and frustrations of sending funds overseas, organising family budgets, and building a business. Founders Nik Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko launched Revolut in 2015 with the goal of making lives easier and alleviating as much financial friction as possible.

Revolut has created a platform that not only keeps everything in one place but runs as smoothly as an oiled engine. In just a few taps, you can take control of your finances and turn those money dreams into a reality. 

Choose from a selection of three plans to suit your unique financial needs. Revolut’s standard, premium, and metal plans (coming soon) are designed to ease stress, maintain seamless organisation, and bolster your financial success. 

Revolut’s Offer to Kiwis

With its recent launch into New Zealand, Revolut wants to reward Kiwis with a $15 cash reward. Simply sign up to Revolut and make your first virtual or physical Revolut card payment to secure the $15 top-up to your Revolut account. Pretty good, right? 

What are the Benefits?

1. Day to Day Essentials

Everyday spending has never been easier when all your finances are in one place. You can send and request money – your way – with anyone across over 20 countries. 

Check your balance without dread. Revolut’s smart, spreadsheet-less budgeting tool ensures Kiwis stay on track, while their rewards system will keep you saving! Its individual-focused platform allows users to set spending limits so you can avoid those balance jump scares. 

2. Travel with Ease

Truly immerse yourself in overseas destinations with amazing exchange rates. Or why not treat yourself to a moment of luxury and pampering with discounted lounge passes?

3. Security and Safety

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Revolut’s clear-cut technology protects your money and will flag any suspicious activity. A simple request for additional verification ensures the utmost security for your finances. Of course, you can freeze your card in a moment.


With the adversity of climate change, Revolut are pioneers in re-hashing the future of finances and lifestyles, putting the well-being of the environment at the heart of their mission. Committed to creating real change, Revolut joined Tech Zero in 2021, an initiative that combats business impact through technology and science. They also partnered with Watershed, who help Revolut measure their carbon footprint and enact realistic and achievable strategies to minimise carbon output. 

So not only does Revolut organise your finances in one place, but it paves the way for sustainable interaction with technology.

Shoot for the Moon

Financial well-being is within reach. Revolut provides the borderless tools – all in one place – to achieve whatever financial goal you have. Master your family budget. Build that empire. Revolut’s platform maintains a cohesive, future-oriented approach to finances so that you never lose track or overspend again. So, go on, treat yourself to that offer! Sign up within minutes today. 

Join Revolut now and get a $15 top-up!

Monday, 11 December 2023