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There's an old proverb about planting trees and the same principle applies to saving for your retirement.  The best day to plant a tree is today, much like the best day to start saving is right now.

If you already are saving and one of the 3 million Kiwis with a KiwiSaver plan then that is awesome, but it is also a GREAT time to have someone review your fund to ensure that you are on the best plan for your needs.  The Government has recently reviewed their default fund providers (KiwiSaver Default Providers Slashed) and set a prime example why you should also look to review your fund.  KiwiSaver is not quite as ‘set and forget’ as you think.  You should regularly look at how your fund is performing and if you are one of the 381,000 Kiwis who joined and just fell in to a default fund then you really need to have someone look at your plan!

Money Compare, from NZ Compare is here to help New Zealand better understand their KiwiSaver options and we are proud to partner with National Capital to help Kiwis get a FREE KiwiSaver health check.  With National Capital it is quick and easy to have a review of your KiwiSaver and best of all the service is also absolutely FREE.

So if you haven’t ever reviewed your KiwiSaver, do it now. The best performing funds of the last 12 months have recently been released and if you are not in one of those funds then you should be looking to compare.  The KiwiSaver health check from Money Compare and National Capital takes just a couple of minutes to complete and our Kiwi Saver experts can then help to match you to the best KiwiSaver fund for your needs.  Investing in the right KiwiSaver fund can mean the difference between retiring with a comfortable lifestyle to retiring on the breadline.  If you’re wanting to use your KiwiSaver to kickstart your leap onto the property ladder then an extra percent or two a month in growth will make all the difference in that first home deposit.  So, check it out.  It takes minutes and can literally make you thousands of dollars.  Make sure you are making the most of your investment and request a free KiwiSaver health check today.


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Tuesday, 31 August 2021