The Importance of Pet Insurance

Why is Pet Insurance Important with NZ Compare

Our pets are a part of the family. Our cats, dogs, and other pets need healthcare just like us. But vet bills can easily become thousands of dollars. Many of us just can’t afford this, especially when your pet has an unexpected accident or illness. It is no wonder that more and more Kiwis are turning to pet insurance to ensure they are ready to help their pets when it matters most. 

So, what are the reasons to consider pet insurance? Why is it so important? Here are the top three reasons why you should invest in pet insurance.

1. Saves you Financial Stress

Vet bills can cost thousands of dollars. Our pets can injure themselves or fall ill at any time, and if we don’t have the funds to help pay for their treatment, it can put a huge financial strain on us. With pet insurance, you can claim the insurance to offset a large portion of the bill. It is a great way to keep peace of mind around the often unpredictable world of owning a cat or dog. Many pet owners find that the regular smaller insurance bill is far more palatable than a sudden vet bill, which can easily reach $10,000. Pet insurance is simply part of being a responsible pet owner!

2. Saves you from Hard Decisions

You do not want your pet to have an unexpected accident or illness and realise that there is nothing you can do to help them. By having pet insurance, you ensure that you can pay for their vet bills, which can save you from having to make some of the hardest decisions. Don’t let money stop you from being able to help your fur baby! 

3. Protects your Loved Pet

We love our dogs and cats in New Zealand. By investing in the regular insurance premium for pet insurance, you are securing their safety and well-being, making sure that they are protected and will be cared for if something happens to them. We want the best for our furry friends! No one wants to see our family members in pain or discomfort. Pet insurance ensures you can cover their vet bills and get them the treatment they need in times of crisis. 

When Should You Get Pet Insurance?

It is best to purchase pet insurance as soon as you adopt your furry friend. So get pet insurance when your furry friend is a puppy or kitten, or as soon as they make it to their new forever home!

Find the Best Pet Insurance with Money Compare

There are a range of pet insurance providers in the New Zealand market. But not all policies are created equal. It is important to do your research and find a provider that understands animal injuries and illnesses, and the cost of vet bills. One of the most effective ways to research is by comparing. Using Money Compare makes it easy. Simply jump onto Money Compare. Click on the pet insurance tab, and compare the various pet insurance policies available to you. There are a range of policies out there that cover only accidents, while others cover accidents and major and minor illnesses. By comparing, you can find the best one to suit your pet, and your budget. You can even find the best deal out there!

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Tuesday, 20 February 2024