This month, you could win up to $10,000! Find out how!!

This month, you could win up to $10,000! Find out how!!

In recent years, we’ve seen just how unpredictable life can really be. That’s why we’re encouraging Kiwis to look into their financial plans to make sure they’re setting themselves up well for the future. 

Two of the main ways you can ensure your future self is financially stable is through your KiwiSaver and insurance. 

That’s why all Kiwis should drop what they’re doing right now and complete a KiwiSaver HealthCheck and compare their insurance on Money Compare! 

Not sure what we’re talking about? No worries! We’re here to run you through everything you should do for your KiwiSaver and insurance! 

Plus, we’ve got two MASSIVE reasons why you’ll want to take on our advice! Read on to see how you could win thousands of dollars! 

What is KiwiSaver HealthCheck? 

Let’s first talk about your KiwiSaver! Chances are it’s been a while since you last reviewed it. Or maybe you’ve never really paid much attention to it. Either way, it’s really important to start thinking about it as it will dictate whether you’ll be able to retire comfortably or buy your first house with ease or not. 

Unsure where to start with your KiwiSaver? Well that’s where National Capital’s KiwiSaver HealthCheck comes in!

Our good friends over at National Capital have created a FREE tool that’ll gather key information about your KiwiSaver to provide you with tailored advice on which Kiwisaver fund is best for your needs. You can then chat to one of their financial experts! 

Best of all, it’s obligation free! So you aren’t forced into changing KiwiSaver plans or providers. You’ll simply receive the expert advice and then be able to decide yourself whether you want to implement the recommendations or not. 

Why do I need to use KiwiSaver HealthCheck? 

No one wants to worry about whether they’ll be able to retire. We all want to be able to purchase our first home with as few hurdles as possible. That’s what KiwiSaver is for – to help you when these important milestones come up! 

Did you know that you’ll need $425,750 in your KiwiSaver account if you want to have $1,000 per week when you retire? That’s just the amount for couples, if you’re single then you’ll need to have $775,450 to get by when you retire. That seems like a massive amount right?!

Did you notice your KiwiSaver funds drop in the last month? The recent market volatility means that your KiwiSaver balance has likely fluctuated. While it’s nothing to be concerned about as the market always bounces back, it was probably a wake up call to many to see whether the fund they are in is the best for them. 

Both of these examples above show just how important it is to be in the right KiwiSaver fund for YOU. Being in the best fund for your needs will decide whether you can achieve your financial goals or not. 

So use KiwiSaver HealthCheck to secure a future that you’ll be proud of!

What do you mean by ‘comparing insurance?’

Now let’s move onto the other important part of your financial future- your life and health insurance! 

It’s super important to think about insuring yourself and your health. Life can sometimes throw curve balls and you never want to be caught out, struggling with your finances in tough situations. 

So it’s vital to compare insurance! 

When we talk about comparing, we are referring to looking at all the different insurance providers available to you, comparing which one is best for you and switching to that provider! 

At Money Compare, there are heaps of providers to choose from that offer fantastic life and health insurance like Cigna, AIA, Fidelity Life, NIB, Partners Life or Asteron Life. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to find a plan that suits exactly your needs!

Why should I compare my insurance? 

Picking the first insurance provider that you come across is probably not in your best interest. You should really compare all your options to see which one will suit your budget and any specific needs you might have! 

Also, comparing could save you heaps of money! You may find a provider that offers a cheaper rate or one that is better value for money! 

Make sure to take your time to compare and find the right insurance provider for you. After all, this is an important decision in your life. Getting the right insurance will make your family’s life that much easier if something was to happen to you. Whether it’s covering the mortgage, paying for medical bills or covering funeral costs, insurance is a way to protect your family from financial difficulties.

Two MASSIVE reasons you’ll want to compare your KiwiSaver and insurance right now!

If we haven’t convinced you enough on why you should use KiwiSaver HealthCheck and compare your insurance then this certainly will!! 

At Money Compare, it’s Money Saving May! So we’ve got two great ways you could earn thousands of dollars! 

1). Go in the draw to win $10,000 from National Capital by simply completing the KiwiSaver HealthCheck. You don’t even need to switch funds or take on any of National Capital’s recommendations (but you’ll probably want to).

2). Get 3 months cashback on your insurance! Use Money Compare to compare your insurance and if you decide to make the switch to a new provider then you’ll get 3 months cashback on your premiums! 

Well now I’m definitely in! What should I do? 

Now that we’ve truly enticed you, here’s the super simple process to use KiwiSaver HealthCheck and compare your insurance! 

To use KiwiSaver HealthCheck all you have to do is click the button below! You’ll be done in 15 minutes and will then receive recommendations from the experts over at National Capital. Then you can book in for a phone consultation to discuss your options! Remember, it’s totally obligation-free!


To compare your insurance just jump onto Money Compare! Enter a few details on a form and you’ll soon receive a no-obligation free quote from the team. You can then look at their recommendations and compare providers to see which one is best for you! 


While you’re at it, use Money Compare to compare all your financial plans! You can compare your home loan, car insurance, personal loans and much more! You’ll save heaps of money and find the perfect plans that meet your needs! 


Wednesday, 25 May 2022