NZ Savings Calculator

Our savings calculator is a versatile tool that can help you plan how you save. Whether you are saving for a dream trip, wedding, car our calculator can help you plan how to save up enough money to reach your goal.  The calculator can help you work out how much you’ll save over a certain amount of time, or how much you will need to deposit to reach your goal.

The calculator works in both directions – either find out how much you will save OR how much you need to deposit if you have a certain amount as your goal. 

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Savings Calculator


How to use the savings calculator

Simply input the following variables to use the savings calculator:

Initial balance – meaning how much you can put in as an initial deposit

Monthly deposit – this is how much you will contribute to your savings every month

Interest rate – this is the interest rate the bank will pay for your savings

Term – this is how long you will be saving for, whether it is months or years. 


How to work out how much you need to save to reach a saving goal. 

Let’s say that you are working toward a goal of saving for your dream bike

  1. Find out the price of the bike. Lets say the bike costs $2,000 – enter this as the final balance 
  2. Think about your initial deposit – this is the amount of money you already have that you can contribute to your savings now. For example $1,200
  3. Enter the interest rate. Let’s use 5%
  4. The last step is to decide when you want to finish saving and enter that into the term. For our example, let say 2 years
  5. Once you have entered the data into the calculator, it will calculate that you only need to deposit $26.76 monthly to buy the bike within 2 years

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