Compare Financial Products

Whether you are saving or borrowing, Money Compare has the tools, calculators and filters to help you make an informed financial decision as well as saving you time and money.

Use our handy comparison tools to compare New Zealand’s providers of KiwiSaver, saving accounts, debit cards, credit cards, insurance policies, mortgages, loans, savings accounts, and currency transfer and exchange deals. 

Compare Financial Products KIWISAVER

KiwiSaver is an easy and affordable way to save for your retirement.  If you are thinking about joining KiwiSaver, or thinking about switching your KiwiSaver Provider, Money Compare can help. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing a KiwiSaver fund. Our KiwiSaver Comparison Tool allows you to compare key information about the different KiwiSaver fund available. You can review each fund’s performance over the last 5 years, the type of fund (defensive, conservative, balanced, growth, or aggressive), membership fees, and the estimated annual fund charge. Save the funds that look best to your KiwiSaver Comparison List. You can then compare your top selections side-by-side in more detail, to help you decide which KiwiSaver fund is best …read more about how to Compare KiwiSaver

Compare Financial Products ACCOUNTS & CARDS

Compare New Zealand’s top debit and credit cards instantly side-by-side. Use our Debit Card Comparison Page to compare debit card account fees, whether you can use it overseas, daily ATM withdrawal limit, rewards, and whether you can use it for online or phone purchases. Use our Credit Card Comparison Tool to compare key information about credit cards available. You can compare interest rates on purchases, interest rates on cash advances, interest rates on balance transfers interest-free days, account fees, and rewards.

Save the cards that look best to your Comparison List. You can then compare your top selections side-by-side in more detail, to help decide which card is best…Read more about how to Compare Accounts and Cards.

Compare Financial ProductsINSURANCE

Buying and renewing insurance can be a time-consuming process. Money Compare make the process easy by allowing you to compare top insurance providers side-by-side. Compare each policy by the same features and benefits so it’s easier to find the right deal. 

Money Compare are New Zealand’s best insurance comparison website. We can help you Compare and save on NZ’s top insurance policies…read more about how to Compare Insurance

We can help you compare and save on:

Compare Car insurance

Compare House insurance

Compare Travel insurance

Compare Business Insurance

Compare Health Insurance

Compare Financial Products BORROWING

We all have times in our life when we need to borrow money – whether it is a mortgage for a home, a personal loan for a big one-time expense, or a small loan to help ends meet.  

No matter how much you are borrowing, interest rates and fees vary between lenders and can really add up. Money Compare can help you compare all the main lenders in New Zealand and save…Read more about how to Compare Borrowing

We can help you: 

Compare Mortgages: Money Compare can help you compare mortgage providers to find the one that suits you best. There can be big variation between different types of mortgages – choosing the right type of mortgage for your situation and repaying it quickly can save thousands of dollars. 

Compare Personal loans: Compare personal secured loans, personal unsecured loans, debt consolidation loans, car loans. Compare interest rates, credit amounts, credit period, payment frequency, and establishment fees.

Compare Payday loans: It’s important to get the best deal possible when seeking a short-term loan, especially if you are already tighter on money. If you do need money fast, we can help you compare payday lenders and save.  

Compare Financial Products SAVINGS

Money Compare can help you compare savings accounts to find the one that suits you best. There can be a big variation between interest rates and account fees – choosing the right type of savings account can help make your money is working hard for you.

Whether you are looking for a new savings account to start saving, or looking for a better return for existing savings, we can help you compare the options and save. Money Compare can help you compare savings accounts across the market to decide which the best is for you.  Compare interest rates, account fees, deposit amounts, and how you can access your savings….Read more about how to Compare Savings Accounts

Compare Financial Products TRANSFER & EXCHANGE

Money Compare can help you compare the main currency transfer and foreign exchange companies in New Zealand to find the deal that suits you best. There can be variations in exchange rates and fees, and these can all eat into the money you are exchanging or transferring. 

Taking the time to compare currency exchange and currency transfer offers can help you get the best deal…Read more about how to Compare Money Transfer

We can help you:

Compare Money transfers: Money Compare can help you compare New Zealand’s top money transfer services to find the one that suits you best. There can be a big variation in fees, minimum transfer, minimum transfer amounts, transfer speed, exchange rates and destination countries. Fees and exchange rates can all eat into the amount of money you are transferring. 

Compare Currency Exchange: A competitive transfer rate will help you get more travel money to take on your overseas trip. Money Compare can help you compare foreign currency rates to get the best deal for your next holiday or business trip.