Dreams Come True Calculator

It can be hard to feel passionate about savings or budgeting. But when you put your finances in their proper place, they are a great tool to help make your dreams come true. Whether you are dreaming of a life changing global trip, owning your own car, owning a campervan, your dream home, or even some designer threads, our Dreams Come True calculator can help you work out how much you’ll need to save to get there. 

Our Dreams Come True Calculator can answer an important question: how long do I have to save to afford my dreams?

Knowing how long you will need to save to reach your goal, can be a key way to stay motivated and disciplined in your spending. 

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Dream Come True Calculator

How to use our Dreams Come True Calculator

You can use the calculator to establish a savings strategy to reach your savings goal. Enter the following details into the calculator:

Price tag on your dreams

How much will my dream cost me? What is the price tag on your dream item? Try to work out a specific amount, weather it is a few hundred dollars for a new phone, a few thousand dollars for a new TV or holiday, or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house deposit. 

Initial Savings

How much do I already have? Have you already started saving toward your goal? Or do you have existing savings you can dedicate towards it? Don’t worry if you are starting at 0 – you’re starting today!

Monthly savings

How much can I save every month? Planning the amount you will save is a delicate balance. The more you can save, the quicker you will reach your goal. But try to be realistic about how much you can spare to avoid a budget blow-out. Our Budget Calculator is a useful tool. 

Interest rate

Put your money to work. If you will be saving for a period of time, it is a good idea to put your savings into a separate savings account. That way your money will earn interest and generate even more money while you wait. 

Kickstart your savings

You're working hard to save towards your dream goal. Check out our top tips for kickstarting your savings.  
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