How to maximize earning Airpoints on your Amex credit card:

If you have an American Express Airpoints card then you will want to earn the maximum Airpoints possible!  There are a heap of opportunities to earn really great rewards.

If you don't yet have a credit card from Amex rewarding you with Air New Zealand Airpoints then they offer a number of great cards to consider.  Compare Amex Credit cards on Money Compare.




A few of our favourite Airpoints earning tips:

Choose the right card: There are a number of factors to consider when getting an American Express credit card that offers rewards for air travel or purchases that can be redeemed for air travel.

Make sure you achieve your joining bonus:  When you first receive your Amex card there is often a bonus for initial spend in the first few months of having the card. Be sure to know what that bonus is, how you qualify and what you need to maximise your bonus earnings.

Spend strategically: Use your Amex card for purchases that will earn you the most airpoints. For example, if your card offers more airpoints for travel-related purchases, use it to book flights, hotels, and rental cars.  Best practice to maximise earnings is to make using your Amex card the go-to for every day spend.  Pay for those items and purchases that you always make like the grocery shop, petrol and eating out. 

Use bonus categories: Some Amex cards offer bonus categories that earn you more airpoints for spending in specific categories. Be sure to take advantage of these bonus categories whenever possible.

Pay on time and in full: Paying your balance on time and in full will prevent you from paying interest charges and fees that can eat into your rewards.

Refer friends: Some Amex cards offer referral bonuses for referring friends and family to apply for the card. If your card offers this, take advantage of it to earn more airpoints.

Look for promotions: Keep an eye out for promotions that can earn you extra airpoints for certain purchases or actions, such as signing up for a new card or spending a certain amount within a specific timeframe.

Use your card regularly: The more you use your Amex card, the more airpoints you will earn. Just be sure to use it responsibly and within your budget.


Interested in applying for an Amex Airpoints Credit Card or learning more?  Click below where you can compare cards or learn more about the Pros and Cons of an Amex Airpoints credit card here.