Cove car insurance pride themselves on offering comprehensive car insurance you’ll love. Get instant insurance online, tailored to suit your lifestyle.

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Cove Insurance

Cove car insurance pride themselves on offering comprehensive car insurance you’ll love.

Cove is founded by Kiwis and made for the people of New Zealand. Their goal is to innovate car insurance and make it simple.

Get instant insurance online – Cove will get you covered in minutes with no phone calls. You can get a quote, buy, claim, manage or cancel your insurance online.

Flexible car insurance tailored to your lifestyle – build upon the basic level of car insurance cover with Cove’s optional extra to suit your lifestyle. Add optional extras and only pay for what you need

Transparent – Cove’s goal is to make insurance as simple as possible, with an intuitive online interface to create a great customer experience.


What types of insurance cover does Cove Insurance offer?

Cove insurance offer comprehensive car insurance policies. The exact cover will depend on which policy you choose, but here is a summary some of our favourite features!

Fire – if your car is damaged by fire your Cove can help with repair costs, or the agreed value you chose if the car can’t be repaired.  

Theft – if your car is stole Cove policies can help with repair costs, or if it can’t be repaired or recovered then the agree value you chose.

Damage – get help with repair costs, or the agreed value of your car if it can’t be repaired, if your car is damaged in an accident.

New car cover – receive a new car of the same make, model and specification if at the time of accidental loss your car is less than 12 months old

No fault, no excess - If you are in an accident and the other driver, who we can identify, is at fault, we won’t deduct any excess

Emergency accommodation – cover to transport you and your passengers home or pay for overnight accommodation if your car can no longer be driven as a result of an accident

Trailers - repair or replacements to cover loss to trailers

Keys - cover to replace your key or lock if your keys have been lost of stolen

Add-ons Pick add-ons like courtesy car hire, roadside assistance, or excess free windscreen cover.


Apply for Cove Car Insurance

Plan type


Loss or damage to your car


Fire and theft


Liability Сover Limit

$20 000 000



Transport home


Substitute rental transport


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