Moola short term loans from $100 to $5000.  Moola delivers fast cash loans with a 60 minute payment guarantee. Compare Moola loans and Moola loan rates to find the best short term loan for you.  Simply click through and use Moola's easy and secure online application.

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Moola Loans

Moola Loans make borrowing money in NZ easy and getting hold of quick cash simple and fast and it takes just five minutes to apply for a short term NZ loan.

Moola provides a simple, fast loan solution that is a respected alternative to traditional lenders.  Moola has become a market leader in NZ lending and the FinTech space for the purpose-built software platform that makes applying for a short term NZ loan efficient and with complete transparency. 

Moola loans are quick and simple to apply for and avoid a lot of the cumbersome processes of traditional financial service businesses and standard bank loans.

Moola has three key points of difference.  They offer short term loans that are fair. Moola loans are simple to understand because they take pride in being a responsible lender. Moola offer short term loans of between $100 - $5000 NZD over a borrowing period of 2 - 368 days to people who can afford to pay it back.

Moola loans are very clear.  The website and app use online sliders to help you choose how much you want to borrow and for how long.  The Moola online calculator then displays how much it will cost all up. No hidden costs, no small print and no nasty surprises.  Know exactly how much your short term loan will cost.

Finally, Moola is quick.  Very quick. If you need a quick short term loan then Moola is the company for you.  The Moola platform ensures you get the money as quickly as possible. It takes about 5 minutes to apply for a Moola loan and once approved cash will be in your account in usually 60 minutes.

So if you need a quick, short term loan, then apply now. 


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