Send FX

Transfer your money through Send into the currency you want, whenever you want it. It’s fast, easy, and cheaper than your bank. Enjoy competitive exchange rates, quicker transfer times, fee free transactions, dedicated account managers and more!

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Send FX

About Send

Send is a truly global payments company set up by award-winning industry experts. They facilitate seamless cross-border transfers for a future-facing and socially-mobile customer base. For the first time they’ve brought together every aspect of currency exchange to provide a completely holistic solution to their clients, whether it’s local banking, a currency wallet, debit card, or mobile app. They give their clients true, unparalleled and instant access to their finances. In the ever-changing world of fintech, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Send is different.


How to transfer money with Send

Send lets you move your funds across the globe in an instant. No annoying bank fees, no fuss, and no waiting around. The transfer process is incredibly simple, and all online.

You’ll need to create an account the first time you transfer money, but this only takes a few minutes. When you’re ready to make a transfer simply log-in, fill in a few details including who your recipient is, the currency and the amount you want to send. Then send your money in just a few taps and lock in the best available rate compared to your bank. And that’s it! Your payment will land where you need it – safely, securely and in a flash.


Why should I use Send instead of my bank?

You may be surprised how competitive a company like Send is, compared to your bank. Get a free quote on their website today!

Why are Send so competitive? Unlike banks, their sole focus is foreign exchange (FX) and international money transfers.  That means they are experts in the field – with better exchange rates compared to banks, quicker transfer times, fee free transactions, dedicated account managers and more! 






Min Transfer Amount


Transfer Speed

1-2 Days

Payment Methods

Online Banking

Destination Countries

and 20 more

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