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Travelex opened its first store in London in 1976 and now operates as the world’s leading independent foreign exchange business. Travelex has over 1,500 stores and 1,250 ATMs in 28 countries at key airport, seaport, rail, tourist locations. We provide cash and pre-paid cards to over 37 million retail customers each year and every hour, Travelex provides foreign currency to more than 2,000 customers. Over 40% of the world’s travellers – 1.7 billion passengers a year – pass through airports where Travelex operates including the major gateways at Amsterdam, Beijing, Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo.

In 2013 we had over 10 million ATM transactions indicating the increasing popularity of self-service. We also provide remittances and online international payments through partnerships with Western Union and Ozforex, as well as sourcing and distributing FX banknotes for central banks and international financial institutions. Travelex offers pre-paid currency cards for use across the globe and customers can use the cards to lock in the exchange rate at time of purchase, benefit from a 24/7 emergency service, and load multiple currencies onto their cards. For example, an American traveller can load up to 5 different currencies on their card to use throughout their trip, meaning they can visit Europe (Euro countries), the UK, Australia, Canada or Japan without having the hassle of multiple cards, or the worry of exchange rate fluctuations.

In addition to offering foreign currency services direct to retail customers, Travelex also works with a range of business partners to offer foreign currency services to their customers. It has long-term strategic relationships with a number of airport operators, retailers, travel agents and financial institutions to provide them with retail foreign exchange, outsourcing and wholesale banknote solutions. One of Travelex’s core values is ‘setting the gold standard’ and it works with regulators across the world to set the highest standards of integrity within foreign exchange.

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