Airpoints Credit Cards - Reward earn rates SLASHED!

Airpoints Credit Cards - Reward earn rates SLASHED!

ANZ, Kiwibank and Westpac have all recently cut perks and hiked the spend needed to earn rewards on their Airpoints credit cards.

The recent change in Airpoints credit cards is a result of the New Zealand Government's implementation of the Retail Payments System Act in November 2022. This act regulates credit card interchange rates and establishes new maximum rates that can be charged between card companies and retailers. Due to the significant reduction in interchange rates, the funding for card loyalty schemes, including Airpoints, has been affected, necessitating a decrease in reward scheme rates.

One credit card company however is still soaring high from the pack when it comes to earn rates and perks relating to Airpoints earning credit cards, and this is American Express.  

American Express now offers the fastest earning Airpoints Dollar Platinum Card where a card holder is rewarded with 1 Airpoint dollar for every $59 spent.  An exceptional rate.  Here at Money Compare we have reviewed the Pros and Cons of the Amex Airpoints card and also documented how to maximize earning Airpoints on your Amex credit card.






Thursday, 1 June 2023