Money Compare Calculators

Money Compare Calculators

Getting your finances sorted, can be a key first step to achieving your life goals. Whether you are planning your retirement, buying a new house, or saving for a big purchase like a car, holiday, or wedding. Putting each hard-earned dollar to work can help you achieve your dream and goals. 

Use our online tools and calculators to help plan your finances and start working toward your financial goals. 

These calculators can help you plan how to save for a comfortable retirement, or even plan an early retirement. Manage your debt with our credit card payoff calculator, and work out a plan of attack with our mortgage calculators. , debts or mortgages. 

Our budgeting and savings calculators can help you work out how to save toward goals, plan investments and work out a budget.  

Retirement Calculators Retirement Calculators

Are you planning to save for your retirement? Our calculators help work out your monthly retirement income, how much you need to save each month, and the age you will need to work to before you retire.

Our Retirement Calculator will help you if you’ve ever wondered how much you need to save for retirement, or how many more years you need to work to retire comfortably.

If you’ve been dreaming of being one of the lucky few who retires in their forties or fifties, our Early Retirement Calculator is the tool for you. It allows you to work out how much longer you would need to work before you can live off your savings interest. Start today and create a precise savings plan to achieve your goal.

Borrowing Calculators Borrowing Calculators

Having a good strategy to managing debt could help you save tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments over your lifetime. Our borrowing calculators offer a great starting point, to effectively managing debt and the money you borrow. 

Use our Credit Card Payoff Calculator to manage your credit card debt. Calculate how much time you need to pay off the card. Work out an effective strategy for paying off your credit card.

Use our simple Mortgage Calculator to estimate your monthly payments and total payments. With our mortgage calculator you will be able to easily calculate your monthly instalments for different payback periods and mortgage rates.

Savings Calculators Savings Calculators

Our Savings Calculator  is a versatile tool that can help you plan how you save. Whether you are saving for a dream trip, wedding, car our calculator can help you plan how to save up enough money to reach your goal.

The calculator can help you work out how much you will save over an amount time, or how much you will need to deposit to reach a certain savings goal.

Budget Calculators Budget and Financial Goal Calculators

You work hard for every dollar that comes into your bank account. But, as you spend on bills, rent, mortgage payments, petrol, groceries, coffees, new clothes, a night out, it can be tricky in day-to-day life to have a realistic picture of where our money goes. 

Our Budget Calculator can help give you a picture of your current financial state and help regain control of your finances.  Use the calculator to make sense of your income, savings, monthly expenses and annual expenses. Assess where your money goes, adjust your budget plan, set goals and prepare for big expenses. 

Our Dreams Come True Calculator can help you turn dream into reality by working out a plan to save toward a specific goal. 
It can be hard to feel passionate about savings or budgeting. But when you put your finances in their proper place, they are a great tool to help make your dreams come true. Try our Dreams Come True Calculator.


How the Money Compare calculators work

The Money Compare calculators ask you to enter some basic information about you and your money. They then do calculations for you and present the results. 

The calculators will give you an approximate figure only – in other words, they’ll give you a good idea of actual results but won’t be absolutely exact. The calculators should be used as a guide and a starting point only, they should not replace seeking professional advice.